Fashion Accessories

Fashion Accessories, All types of Wooden Jewellery for men and women

Fashion Accessories. We are finest manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler also Online Retailer of All Kind Wood Fashion Items. We have a wide range likewise wooden combs, bangles, necklace, Finger rings, Rings holders, ear rings, Brace late and other wooden items for fashion. Company Provide all types of  Fashion accessories.

Carved Wood Fashion Products Skilled craftsmen made highly intricate design. This technique of making this gorgeous, delicate. Lively pattern is call Handicrafts Art. As a result mostly wooden table top products. It have True Hands engraving Work. similarly wooden Bangles with hand engraving for hands, wooden rings for finger and ears.

Fashion Items made from Solid Wood

Hardwood Products made from Solid Wood, likewise Rosewood, Walnut Wood urns for Human Ashes, Teak Wood Urns, Oak Wood boxes, Cherry Wood keepsakes, Cedar Wood urns, Memorial Shisham Wood Casket. Our all woods are seasoned to perfection, so that the product lasts forever. This is easily adaptable into any room in your home.

Size Availability :

We have all sizes available of wooden mobile stands, Paper weight, glass stand, sand timer and all other table top Products from x-Large to x-small. You can choose at your desire. We are ready to get your choice.