Wooden Heart Urns

Wooden Heart Urns

The Company supplies stunning, wooden heart urns, handmade Urns for ashes, Wooden Ashes Caskets, Ash Keepsake Jewellery, Keepsake Mini Urns and Hearts and Pet Cremation Urns, all of the very best quality, to safely and lovingly care for the cremated ashes of a departed loved one.

At The Cremation Urns Company we know that choosing the right cremation urn can be a very emotional process, even if some time has passed since the cremation. So we made buying an urn as stress free as possible with helpful things such as having key information listed on every product page, having clear, bright pictures with each description, and a straight forward, shopping cart with a choice of payment options like PayPal, credit card, bank wire or cheque payments.

We realise that for most people, buying a cremation urn will be a new experience and you may feel a little lost in the whole process, you may also find that you have a number of questions you need answers to before you can make a decision. If this is so, please feel free to call us no matter how small or unusual you feel your questions might be contact us by email phone or email.

Bereavement is certainly the most painful thing we will ever have to bear, but sadly all of us at one time or another will experience it. This most difficult time of our lives is, to say the least, deeply emotional and disorientating, and is the worst possible time to have to make decisions. Fortunately there is usually no rush when it comes to selecting a cremation urn, and so when you are ready, the Cremation Urns Company is here to help you choose the urn that is just right.

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